Louis Vuitton Belt למכירה בHod HaSharon Kfar Saba...

| 500 ₪
Standard louis Vuitton belt i do not know if this belt is real or not but it looks real and you can find it on louis vuitton website under collects men belts and its the first one with the checkerboard demier graphic. i only speak english i am sorry. please email me if interested and any other accusations or claims i am not liable for. thank you and send offers. i can meet in hod hasharon raanana and kfar saava thanks
קטגוריה: - חגורות
פריט: Louis Vuitton Belt
עיר: Hod HaSharon Kfar Saba and Raanana
איש קשר: jakeplonskier@gmail.com
מחיר: 500